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About Us

A letter from our Founder and CEO

Down here in Florida we’re known for sun, beaches, alligators and a year-round temperatures hot enough to fry bacon on your hood.   In the Sunshine State we smile a lot and we also sweat a heckuva lot.  Smiling and Sweating are at the root of all the good things we do… Greatness comes when you sweat…That’s the inspiration for our Happegear® brand and our rallying cry – Sweat Happens®. And it’s at the root of our products. The driving force behind our newest HappegearPro® waterproof car seat protector – to make sure you continue smiling all the way home from the gym or beach.  It’s why we developed our three-pocket odor resistant Road Bag and our Long Run Visor with washable headband.  It’s why we continue to research and develop the best sweat-related products in the industry… 

When Sweat Happens®… Greatness Follows!

Scott Farrell

Founder and CEO